All You Wanted to Know About Life Casting

In the ancient days, life-like, three-dimensional imitations of a deceased person’s body were created to transport him or her to the next world. This venerable art from the land of Egypt is now being practiced all over the world.

However, one no longer has to be dead to get a life cast done! Yes, realistic and perfectly detailed reproductions of the living and breathing human body are possible today. The 3D replica manages to capture every minute detail right down to the hair, skin texture, fingerprints and even the pores.

This cherished reflection can be captured from any part of the body and impressions of baby hands and feet are particular popular. So are pregnant bellies, intertwined hands, individual torsos and so on.Read More »


How to Protect Children From Bullying While Playing on a Playground

Did your child complain about being bullied at school playground? Didn’t it leave you in a difficult position as you couldn’t see what actually happened? Bullying in school is commonly observed and it puts parents in a difficult situation.

Since you can’t be there for your child when nasty things happen to him, you have got to teach him how to protect himself. My aim of this article is to teach you how can you teach your child different ways of handling bullying. Scroll down to know!

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10 Crazy Non Lethal Weapons

The Non Deadly Weapons ( non lethal weapons) is being developed by the US military. Saving a life is top priority for all law enforcement. In this day and age, to minimise the risk as much as possible and for self defence non lethal weapons are used. The aim of these weapons is not to kill anyone but make sure to stay away, whenever threat or circumstances arises. Mostly Nonlethal weapons are used by police, army and law enforcement. Currently, crimes are happen against people every day like rape, robbery. For this reason, the most common self defence weapons like- Sticky Foam gun, tactical pens, peppers spray are legal and portable for common people. Here are some crazy non lethal weapons are listed out.

10 Crazy Non lethal Weapons:-

1. Mace-

Mace is a type of tear Gas. Common effects of mace includes- nose, mouth, throat burn, uncontrollable tearing and chest tightness. It may affect to mentally distributed people as psychological effects such panic, fear. Mostly Mace is used by police, army for controlling protestors or mob.

2. Palm -Held Weapons-

Palm held a weapon is a category of non lethal weapons. Palm held weapons, that you can easily carry and also light-weight weapons such as Pepper Spray, Stun Guns, keychain, tactical pens. If needed, these weapons are solid enough to use. You can easily hold these to your one hand. Some people are unfamiliar to these weapons; they don’t know how to use so, it may create difficulty for those. You should know how to use these weapons.

3. Tranquilizer Guns-

Tranquilizer Guns are used by police/cops. When they need to shoot a person tranquilizer guns are used. These are very effective and fast. A person who is shoots by this gun, just faint for some time till then cops are ready to questioning.

4. Bean Bag Guns-

Bean Bag Gun is one kind of non lethal weapons which is used for self defence. When you shoot, it makes funny sound and punch to attacker. Each Bean bag has weight about 40 grams and filled with lead shot. This weapon is not 100% safe because you can die if it hits to your wrong spot/sensitive area, But safer then bullet.

5. Net Gun-

To stop a criminal in effective way Net Guns are used. A net shoots out and catch the criminal. Net guns are also used for catching animals.

6. Projectile weapons-

A number of projectile non lethal weapons are used for self defence. These weapons are difficult to carry like Palm-held weapons in your purse or pocket. These weapons are Rubber bullets, Pistol crossbow, high-velocity slingshot, Martial arts weapons. Care must be taken with these weapons because those who don’t have knowledge how to use, as they can lethal.

7. Taser-

Taser is one kind of non lethal weapon used by police and military units. This is designed to release a current on attacker. Current disturb the signals that are going from brain to entire body. It is like fire gun. When you shoot, electrodes are come out from gun and hit to target.

8. Plasma Acoustic Shield System-

The Plasma Acoustic Shield System (PASS) uses lasers to create pockets of plasma in the air up to 100meters and then detonates those pockets with another laser, creating a flash bang effect each time. The idea behind this non lethal weapons system is short pulses from high power laser. Currently, the system can only make 10 explosions per second but the Pentagon is aiming for hundreds.

9. Speech Jammer-

Speech jammer is device which works within 30 meter range and can jam the words of people. Speech Jammer works by listening in with microphone.

10. JPX Jet Protector-

JPXJet Protector is just like a gun to stopping an opponent. JPXJET has a dual-barrel design that allows to fire two doses of irritant at a staggering 430per/hr. This device works in 6.5 meters range. This is one of reliable non lethal weapons.

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Feel Beautiful And Lively With Glitter Acrylic Nail Powder

If you are reading this then nails are certainly the most important aspect for you to feel gorgeous. You like to dazzle your way out of everything and feel on top of the world when you see people around you totally captivated by your hands. As a matter of fact, nobody can stop fierce girls to show their wild side or keep intact their glamour, simply because it’s all over the place. Glitter acrylic nail powder helps you gain that, makes you a striking beauty and display you as a gem of the evening. I’m not even exaggerating since it’s here to make you feel like a goddess and add a pinch of sparkle in your life. Believe me, it works.

People that are not so passionate about their nails will never understand the struggle of what we go through to get it right.Read More »

The Skin Care Tips for Mothers-To-Be

Most people think that pregnancy is the ugliest period for women. They believe that the skin status of the pregnant will be the worst and the body shape will be the worst too. And the pregnant will take it a natural thing too. So some of them spend less time in skin care during the pregnancy desperately. Lady, you don’t have to be that! Actually, if you pay enough attention to the skin care, your skin can even be more beautiful like some superstars during their pregnancy. They are not always born to have such nice skin, but just always spend time caring for it, including when they are pregnant.

Mild skin cleansing. The skin resistance of women will be weakened when they are pregnant. So their skin will be more sensitive and might lead to allergies easily. Powerful and fierce cleaning products will make their skin more sensitive. So choosing mild and safe cleaning products is the first thing you should do during pregnancy.Read More »

Millennials Co-Engagement Ring Shopping

It is no secret that Millennials are “beginning” life later than every generation preceding them. From starting their careers, to moving out of the house, to engagements and marriages; most of life’s important milestones are occurring well into their late 30s. How does this impact the process of shopping for an engagement ring?

Traditionally, man meets woman, falls in love with woman, asks for permission from her parents to propose, buys engagement ring, and asks her to marry him. With this forward thinking generation, a step has been taken away from the traditional and towards a more involved approach. Since Millennials are of a more “mature” age, compared to the average age of engaged couples in the past, it can be said that they know more of what they want and don’t want. Women are voicing the need to be involved in the process so that their future fiancé can’t get it wrong!Read More »

Forgiveness Facilitates Freedom Into Functionality

RANDOM things are said in deeper conversations. Invariably wisdom goes unnoticed. The following sentence I heard piqued me: forgiveness facilitates functionality.

In simplest terms, forgiveness makes being functional easier. Being a functional human is equated with partaking in the abundant life, which is from the wellspring of Jesus.

Everybody ought to want to be more functional, because that’s where love, joy, peace, empowerment and hope – the fullness of life – come from – from being functional.

But forgiveness is not easy. We must continue to guard our hearts through the process. We must acknowledge the truth that buoys our faith. That is, the choice to forgive breeds life, even though it feels like death in the sacrifice of ourselves for possibly no gain. Read More »